Friday, March 28, 2008

Stuart Bailey goes to Hell

Straight Edge
by Stuart Bailey
Opening Friday March 28th, 6pm till late
29 March – 26 April 2007,
Open Saturdays only, 12 – 6pm

Straight Edge was originally exhibited in OLD SKOOL (NEVER LOSE THAT FEELING) at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in December 2007. Robert Cook wrote: Stuart’s practice is wild and freeform, including both massive wall paintings in a Beatle Bailey aesthetic and, more recently, quirkily sculptural outings that investigate the discursive and emotional status of culture-making. His work for this show is/are presentation of the Minor Threat logo. Minor Threat were a band led by Ian MacKaye and established in Washington DC in 1980. They were known for songs that were fast, furious and lasted about one and a half minutes. They were punk but faster and tighter, maybe they were new punk or something. Certainly, they were 'anti consumerism’ in a big way. They initiated the‘straight edge’ movement: no sex, no drugs, no drinking, no f__king. That was the deal. They would not give interviews in magazines that had ads for cigarettes or alcohol. They were keeping it real, with their music and social actions like selling cheap CDs and having cheap door sales. It was about keeping the spirit of music alive and real instead of following the usual idea about success, moving on to stadiums,getting ads for consumer goods, etc.