Monday, December 15, 2008

Dan Bell Goes to Hell / Krampus Party

Sperlunking by Dan Bell / Krampus Party
December 20 – January 30, 2009
Opening Friday December 19, 6pm til late

Sounds by Officina Sans System / Helen Johnson / Gugg / Matthew Brown / Ry Haskings
+ BBQ (vege options)

Crackdown / Finite Nots
90 minute cassette, glass, lightbulbs, aerosol, silicone, texta, plastic

Crackdown (detail)

sequins, cotton

Cave+Cloud = Mud
wood, contact, aerosol, texta, salt, skewers, thread

Cave+Cloud = Mud (detail)

Southern Compass
streamers, paper, wood, plastic, stickers

wood, contact, aerosol, bubblewrap, texta

Encrustion (detail)
wood plastic, texta, found objects

Cleaning the Mirror (detail)
wood, foil, aerosol, wax, Styrofoam, sticky tape

Tape Curtain (detail)

Dan Bell

The gift of cake (Hell Gingerbread house)


Hell Toupee interior