Friday, September 11, 2009

Joint Hassles (MEL) / Gambia Castle (NZ)

An exchange between Gambia Castle (NZ) / Joint Hassles (MEL)
Curated by Harriet Kate Morgan and Sarah Hopkinson
Opening Friday 18 September 6 til late
September 19 – October 10, 2009

Josh Petherick / Alex Vivian / Jess Lucas / Kate Smith / Harriet K Morgan / Christopher LG Hill / Lane Cormick / Rob McHaffie /Helen Johnson / Kain Picken / Nick Selenitsch / Sean Bailey / James Deutsher / Dan Arps / Nick Austin / Andrew Barber / Fiona Connor / Simon Denny / Daniel Malone / Tahi Moore / Kate Newby / Tao Wells

In early 2009, Joint Hassles were edged out of their gallery space in Northcote due to Melbourne’s inner-city rent hikes. On becoming spaceless the Joint Hassles artists have climbed out of the white cube and been making friends… hosting art events in bedrooms, backyards, public parks and music venues. In the interests of sharing, Hell Gallery decided to offer up its premises. Joint Hassles asked if they could bring a mate and a third gallery was invited to the party. Gambia Castle is a gallery co-operative based in Auckland, NZ. Sharing similar ideologies in community and collaboration, Joint Hassles and Gambia Castle will come together at Hell Gallery in a group show of over twenty artists.

Three Thousand Preview

Kate Smith, Clammy Hands, 2009, shells, hair, paint, stones, twigs and piping

Dan Arps, Shallow Relief, 2009, mixed media on particle board

Nick Selenitsch, Turbulence, 2009, paper collage pins and magnets

Kain Picken & Rob McKenzie, A History of Manners (Glove), 2009