Sunday, March 20, 2011

From the Fourth Dimension

Martin Bell From The Fourth Dimension 
Book Launch by Martin Bell 
Friday 1st April, 6pm til late
$5 entry at gate / free entry and poster with book purchase

* live performance by 'Ally Oop and the Hoopsters'
* Launch of The Sailors 7" single, 'Guilty Pleasure Blues' by the Octopus Brothers*
* BAR and BBQ 

Martin Bell From The Fourth Dimension (2011) is Martin's second self-published book, which follows from the mind-boggling medley of My Birthday Party (2008). Fourth Dimension is filled with Martin’s full-color collages, photographs and impenetrable byzantine drawings documenting the stray ephemera of Martin’s world. A continuing theme is Martin’s obsession with the orb phenomena (those strange circular anomalies that appear in low-light digital photographs, that some associate with paranormal activity). The intensity of Martin’s collation suggest at cryptic connections within its depths. Look beneath or simply enjoy a hallucinatory fun-park ride through a very unique mind.

*Resigned to life as a trans regional/national/philosophical studio band, ‘The Sailors’ are no longer able to launch their own records. Melbourne representatives Hec & Vern will be playing as ‘The Octopus Brothers’. These tentacled gents have been busy of late supporting Ally Oop as members of the Hoopsters. They're taking the opportunity to steal a little of Ally's limelight for a quick and dirty launch of the Sailors new record. Ally, ever supportive and multi-talented, will be playing along on bass.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

(Tasmania Is An Anagram Of) I Am Satan

(Tasmania Is An Anagram Of) I Am Satan 
Opening Friday January 28, 2011, 6pm til late / Featuring live music by ICECLAW / DJs / BBQ / January 29 – February 19, 2011

*ICECLAW is a side project of Jensen Tjhung (Hate Club, Deaf Wish) and Nick Lane (This is Your Captain Speaking). They are joined by John the Psychologist on vintage Arp Odyssey Synthesizer.

(Tasmania Is An Anagram Of) I Am Satan takes the loose premise of a Tasmanian Gothic. The exhibiting artists have been invited to take their starting point from wordplay on 'Van Diemen’s Land' (Demon's Land) and 'Tasmania' (I Am Satan), to produce an exhibition of works interpreting a spirit far south of heaven. Their varied responses are not intended to present a contained curatorial idea, but rather an aggregation of ideas fleshed out through the invitational process. The themes are inspired by jokey wordplay and cultural impressions of Tasmania, as well as the general ambience of the Hell Gallery space and areas of interest of it's founders, Jess Johnson and Jordan Marani. Those being; "a fascination for the visual imagery of B grade horror, UFO’s, comic books, falling towers, black holes, post apocalyptic fiction, weird science and doom metal." The Board and staff of INFLIGHT will be presenting works based on these premises as well as inviting an artist (or group) of their choice to exhibit or collaborate with.

(Tasmania Is An Anagram Of) I Am Satan is a return exchange with HELL Gallery who presented the exhibition Hell Is Other People at INFLIGHT in Hobart in November 2009 /