Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nick Devlin Goes To Hell

Nick Devlin
Portrait series #4: 33 1/3
May 2 – May 23 2009
Opening Friday 1st May, 6pm til late

Nick Devlin began his series of portrait projects in the year 2000, when he painstakingly depicted 100 images of perpetrators and criminals. This was followed by 100 portraits of artists in 2005. In 2007 he turned to authors. 33 1/3 is his latest instalment, consisting of 33 1/3 likenesses of musicians. Nick’s procession of human subjects are chosen as much for their flaws as for their accomplishments. His portraits en-mass are a stark homage to the exiled and revered of society; their flairs and failings.

The portraits display an equal regard for the methodical process of portraiture. The disciplined banality of such a project speaks of the failures of representation as well as the futility of trying to capture the human condition. A Beckett-like game that blurs the line between winners and losers, fame and its followers.

Click here to read a review by Andrew Gaynor.

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