Monday, May 24, 2010

I like your small opening

I like your small opening
Nat Thomas & Friends

Opening Friday 11 June / 6pm til late
Featuring Rally DJ’s, Performances, Films, Bar & BBQ / 12 June – 3 July, 2010

Davina Adamson / Colleen Ahern / Louise Bourgeois / Narelle Desmond / Carla Cescon / Sue Dodd / Kim Donaldson / Maxine Coral Starr-Thomas Fayle / Sarah Goffman / Jess Johnson / Jesse Presley Jones / nat&ali / Elvis Richardson / Lara Thoms / Wiloh S Weiland / Kylie Wilkinson / The Comb Ovaries

Hell Gallery presents ‘I like your small opening’, the follow-up exhibition to ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, which spewed forth from the Carlton Hotel in 2008. Presenting work by a multitude of artists linked only by their irreverence and gender, ‘I like your small opening’ promises to deliver a night of blistering vaginal mayhem.

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